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Captain Fenna's Dirigible Valentine

Captain Fenna's Dirigible Valentine - Heather Hiestand Captain Fenna's Dirigible Valentine kept me on the edge of my seat - or rather, since I brought the book to bed with me, it kept me awake, clicking through my ereader very fast to find out what happened next. Heather Hiestand knows how to keep a story moving!

The world Ms. Hiestand built is complete and fascinating, filled with steampunk inventions and airships. But the best part of reading this book, for me, was watching the romance between the hero and heroine unfold. Also, I loved the heroine's portrayal as a mother. She always had to keep her infant's safety in mind, which made the chase scenes and battle scenes all the more exciting (and nerve-wracking!). Note: I read the first Steampunk Smugglers book first, however each book can stand alone as well.

I highly recommend this steampunk adventure!