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Polished - Alyssa Turner Alyssa Turner masterfully wove emotion and red-hot m/m/f menage together in Polished! The book kept me turning pages and thinking about it once I'd finished. I loved Rory, Spencer, and Jack :) Polished is steamy, sexy, and highly recommended!
SEAL Survival Guide: A Navy SEAL's Secrets to Surviving Any Disaster - Cade Courtley, Michael Largo My editor at Simon & Schuster, Adam Wilson, edited this book, and he knew I love this kind of thing (anything to do with survival and prepping) so he sent me a copy, not in exchange for a review, but because he thought I'd like it. So full disclosure there.

It took me a long time to read because it's written in sections, which makes it easy to put down and pick up, and read out of order. As a retired RN and former Los Angeles EMT, I decided to read the part on survival medical tips first. I figured if what he wrote there was good based on my knowledge, that I could trust the rest of the book.

Trust, people! This guy knows what he's talking about. I loved all the different scenarios in the book - such as what to do if you're in a car and it goes in the water, or what to do if someone's stalking you.

I feel better prepared for anything after reading this book. The best advice he gave, repeatedly, throughout the book was a phrase he called "violence of action." That means if your life is in danger, whatever you do, do it right. Strike that attacker in the eyes and don't worry if you'll hurt him, because you're saving your own life. Things like that. It's a good mantra, I imagine, to have in your head when you are in a "do or die" scenario. And that's what this book is filled with - thus the title :)

Five stars and highly recommended to anyone, not just men or SEALs etc. Women should read this too. You never know when you're going to need to make a splint out of a branch when you're camping and the hospital is far away...
Love or Luxury - Heather Thurmeier Heather Thurmeier has once more created a fun, exciting love story that will keep you turning the pages until the satisfying, emotional conclusion. 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommended for fans of contemporary romance!
Falling for You - Heather Thurmeier Romance for the Reality TV Show Lover!

Heather Thurmeier's voice is distinctively witty, lough-out-loud funny, and sexy. Falling for You is the perfect romance novel for anyone who's ever found herself addicted to reality TV shows like The Bachelor...

Cassidy is ready to find love with the bachelor on the show, until he turns out to be her ex (uh-oh) and then the camera-man assigned to follow her around and film her is too lust-worthy to try and pretend he's not there. I loved getting an inside look at what goes on behind-the-scenes on a reality show...Ms. Thurmeier shows us exactly what ends up on the cutting room floor -- forbidden romance, anyone? Yes, please!

5 stars and highly recommended -- Heather Thurmeier's contemporary romances are an auto-buy for me.
False Pretenses - Cara Bristol Emma doesn't think she wants to be spanked, but she'll do it for research, especially if the spanking is administered by the handsome and sweet Dan Tanner (appropriately named, methinks). Cara Bristol has done it again - False Pretenses shows just how sexy a spanking can be, both for the man and for the lucky woman over his lap. I read this book without having read the first in the series, but each book stands alone and now I do want to go back and read the first one, Unexpected Consequences. So... 5 stars and highly recommended!

Captain Fenna's Dirigible Valentine

Captain Fenna's Dirigible Valentine - Heather Hiestand Captain Fenna's Dirigible Valentine kept me on the edge of my seat - or rather, since I brought the book to bed with me, it kept me awake, clicking through my ereader very fast to find out what happened next. Heather Hiestand knows how to keep a story moving!

The world Ms. Hiestand built is complete and fascinating, filled with steampunk inventions and airships. But the best part of reading this book, for me, was watching the romance between the hero and heroine unfold. Also, I loved the heroine's portrayal as a mother. She always had to keep her infant's safety in mind, which made the chase scenes and battle scenes all the more exciting (and nerve-wracking!). Note: I read the first Steampunk Smugglers book first, however each book can stand alone as well.

I highly recommend this steampunk adventure!
Love with a Chance of Zombies - Delphine Dryden I loved this story - Delphine Dryden created an intriguing and scary post-apocalyptic world where zombies are an everyday danger. Her Hero is a hot scientist and her heroine is relatable and kick-ass (pink rifle, yay!) too.

I'd love to see another couple's story set in this zombie-infested world. I'd buy it up in a second - and I'd pay a lot more than 99 cents for it too. I felt like I was *stealing* this novella at 99 cents!
Sparks Fly - Brien Michaels This m/m romance is also terrifying. Two men meet on a post-apocalyptic love-cruise headed toward the last woman on earth when the passengers are gruesomely murdered one by one - and there's no way off the ship. So scary - and yet the sparks flying (pun intended!) between Eduardo and Lincoln heated up my ereader. I'll definitely be reading everything Brien Michaels writes from now on.
Healing the Mage - Gianna Simone This book is the sequel to In the Devil's Arms, (which I also read and loved) but it definitely stands on its own as well. The paranormal aspects are very interesting and imaginative, and the romance is wonderful and insanely HOT! Love this book!
In the Devil's Arms - Gianna Simone In the Devil's Arms is an emotionally charged, beautiful love story filled with smoking hot BDSM sex scenes. I enjoyed the magical aspect as well. Gianna Simone is officially on my auto-buy list!

The Bachelor

The Bachelor - Heather Hiestand Jake is the perfect hero - he was so easy to fall in love with as a reader. And the heroine is easy to relate to. The chemistry between them smolders off the page. Yum!
Shared - Lily Harlem I've been wanting to read this since I first saw the excerpt, and it's as good as I hoped it would be. Scorching hot menage and great characterization!

Fire Wolf

Fire Wolf - Anh Leod A fireman *and* a werewolf? Yes please! This book was smokin' hot - and it was packed with with awesome sex scenes :)

Victoriana Adventure

Victoriana Adventure - Heather Hiestand Sparks fly when a skate-boarding, science-loving college guy travels through time and meets a prim-and-proper princess who yearns to be set free from constraint :) I enjoyed this unconventional tale of young love! It wasn't what I was expecting when I saw the cover, but I'm *very* glad I read it!
Generous Fire - Olivia Waite What a sexy, hot historical! Loved the steam-powered vibrator invented to treat hysteria but used for a much more passionate endeavor :)
Entangled Trio - Cat Grant This book was hot and emotional and definitely intriguing. I loved getting a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of an opera diva, her maestro husband, and their tenor lover. Brilliant book, highly recommended!